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Volunteer with NCT Plymouth

Type: Admin Support, Fundraising, Information / advice, Marketing & Social Media

Location: All of Plymouth

Every year, we support thousands of expectant and new parents across the UK and Channel Islands to feel more connected and confident during this major life transition.

We provide evidence-based information, signposting and access to support and services through our website, which is visited over 9 million times a year.

We support and empower over 80,000 parents every year through a variety of services tailored to meet their needs. This includes antenatal and postnatal courses delivered by our skilled practitioners, a range of free community-based activities and events led by our fantastic volunteers, and highly valued breastfeeding and infant feeding support provided by specialist NCT breastfeeding counsellors.

In addition, a range of trained peer support programmes support women and families facing specific challenges, such as social isolation, feeding difficulties or poor mental health.

What’s involved?
• Promoting NCT locally on social media
• Promoting NCT’s national work on social media
• Responding to people’s questions and comments on social media
• Making sure the branch’s web page is up to date and appealing to parents

What makes a good Web and Social Media Coordinator?
• Good web and Social Media skills
• Enthusiasm about NCT nationally
• Enthusiasm about NCT in your local area
• Friendly and approachable

Time commitment: This role is flexible and only takes around 1 hour per week at times/days that suit you.

Being a Web and Social Media Coordinator is a great volunteer role for anyone who is passionate about NCT and looking to develop their social media and copy-writing skills. We would love to discuss this role with you in more detail so please do get in touch.

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