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Type: Emotional / social support, Information / advice

Location: All of Plymouth


We are excited to announce that from September 2021 we are piloting our first in-school mentoring programme for girls aged 9-13. We are looking for female or female-identifying volunteers who have a passion for girls’ mental health to become a Big Sis workshop facilitator. You’ll be part of a vibrant and creative team whose vision is to educate girls on physical and emotional literacy; helping to prepare young women for their future. For more information please click the button below.

our values

Compassion and Kindness

We meet people where they are at, practice deep listening, empathy and share information in gentle and approachable ways. We cultivate these qualities and apply them in personal and professional practice and conversation.

A Work in Progress

We recognize that every human being is at a unique stage of development and unfolding. We honour processes, nurture continuous learning and support our clients and team in exploring and cultivating new cultures of working and being together.

We do Real Talk

We believe having continuous open and honest conversations with young people about growing up, physical and emotional changes and mental health, are key in supporting their natural connection with themselves and others at this new stage of life. As much as we value personal integrity, we encourage it in our work.

We Respect

Everyone deserves to be respected for the unique person they are regardless of gender, age, race or income. Personal decisions and boundaries are encouraged and honoured.

We are creative

We have found young people learn best in an organic and playful way and take in the information we share whilst having fun. Through our work we develop new ways of interaction, experiment with informal group settings through creative approaches, games and interactive activities, always nurturing skills that foster connection to self and others.


We promote practices that are kind to the planet and support the individual in creating long lasting change in themselves and their environment.


We believe everyone should have access to holistic fact-based information about their bodies including menstrual cycle education. This is core to informed decision making and reproductive choices.

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