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Volunteer at Derriford

Type: Admin Support, Emotional / social support, Information / advice

Location: All of Plymouth

Derriford hospital is in need of volunteer support in a variety of roles which all contribute to ensuring the best experience for patients and visitors as well as supporting staff in their roles.

It’s a fast-paced environment with patient care at it’s heart, it is a great place to volunteer and to give back to the NHS. From A&E to the main concourse, waiting areas to the discharge lounge, our volunteers are really getting involved across the hospital, with plenty more opportunities in the pipeline.

Volunteer roles include:
– Befriending,
– Making refreshments,
– Giving directions,
– Running errands for patients,
– Facilitating calls to loved ones,
– Responding to requests from wards,
– Supporting patients with specific needs such as those with dementia,
– Collecting and recording patient satisfaction surveys,
Roles generally run daytimes, 7 days per week with shifts of around 3 hours.

You don’t need to have a medical background, in fact, many of our volunteers don’t have experience in the sector at all. It’s all about caring for people and wanting to improve the experience for patients and their families. Volunteers have the luxury of time to offer patients that staff often don’t have, so perhaps you’ll assist them with calling loved ones, finding their way to an appointment or simply having a chat to help someone feel at ease. Are you good at communicating? Can you make someone feel safe and cared for? Will you spot someone who needs some help? Perhaps a role at Derriford hospital is for you.

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