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Talking Food

Type: Emotional / social support

Location: All of Plymouth

If you’re passionate about food & talking Food is Fun CIC would love to hear from you and this opportunity could be just the thing for you. The starting date for the opportunity is July 20th but we would love to get you signed up now before all the places are filled.

As the country begins to return to the “new normal” with many returning to work, there are still huge numbers of individuals who remain at home, living alone and suffering from social isolation.

The Cook and Care Project sees Food Buddies delivering food and recipes and talking them through the cooking process, offering tips and instructions when needed, but most importantly will be holding a conversation with the person using food as a conversation starter.

We are looking for volunteers to take over from the Food Buddy after the initial period to provide weekly telephone conversations to each recipient on an ongoing basis.

Nobody should feel alone in life and an hour a week as a Telephone Buddy will make a huge difference to someone.

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