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Red Cross Independent Living

Type: Emotional / social support, Information / advice

Location: All of Plymouth

In 2020 the British Red Cross turns 150. It is thanks to all our supporters and volunteers that we have been able to provide health and social care support to people since 1870. Our volunteers provided health and social care support to people in the First and Second World war and continued providing these services in peace time and helped to create the NHS in 1948.

Today we continue to provide health and social care support through our Independent Living service that aims to support people experiencing a health crisis. From supporting people resettle into their homes after being discharged from hospital to supporting someone connect with others following a recent diagnosis of a long-term health condition. Help us continue our story by applying to volunteer with us today.

What would I be doing?

You will be helping provide practical and emotional support to people. Every individual will need different support from us to help, below are some examples of what you might support with:

– Practical support such as light shopping for someone who has been discharged from hospital
– Reconnecting people someone with their communities to help overcome loneliness
– Helping someone connect with other organisations who can offer them support with their long-term health condition

“I’m showing compassion, empowering people, letting them know what help is out there, and helping them move forward.” Lisa, Independent Living Volunteer

If you’d like to join Lisa in helping as an Independent Living Volunteer get in touch with us by email:

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