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Local Representatives

Type: Emotional / social support

Location: All of Plymouth

This is a flexible role which, with agreement from your line manager may be able to be undertaken whilst in full employment. In these circumstances, we will work with you to agree the time commitment required. It is likely to include reading time so that you are up-to-date with the Society’s key priorities, current areas of work and campaigning issues, in addition to time committed to attending external meetings. Though this will vary, it is recommended that you assume a commitment of up to 10 hours per month.

How does the role make a difference?

Local Representatives use their considerable knowledge, skills and experience to represent the Society with external organisations, statutory agencies, local forums, alliances and at awareness-raising events. Whilst not a decision-making role in itself, Local Representatives act as an authentic and expert voice for dementia locally and their involvement is key to influencing local decision-makers to improve services for people living with dementia. All volunteering activity will take place in line with an agreed framework developed by the Local Representative and their line manager.

What will I be doing?

Activities will vary depending on the needs and priorities of your locality, however are likely to include some of the following

• Attending a range of meetings with a wide variety of external agencies as a representative of the Society, in particular local health and social care bodies, CCG’s, GP groups, lay scrutiny groups and any dementia specialist subgroups as they develop

• Linking to local Dementia Action Alliances and/or Dementia Forums

• Linking to Dementia Friendly Communities developments

• Making contact with elected representatives to promote the Society’s work and raise issues relevant to the local constituency

• Linking to local groups, communities, businesses, individuals externally and linking to existing and new Society volunteer groups internally

• Promoting the Society at awareness raising events

• Feeding back locally gained intelligence on developments in the field that may either impact on our current services or could present an opportunity for the development of new services and/or funding opportunities

• Signposting any local inquiries to the relevant Alzheimer’s Society employee or other agency as applicable

• Undertaking representational duties as agreed/requested

• Reporting back on activities in line with agreed protocols.

How to apply: Please download the registration and diversity monitoring forms from our website by clicking on the link below. Once complete, please return to

If you have any questions about the role, please contact our Volunteering Support Team on 0300 222 5706 or at . We’d love to hear from you.

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