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Local Groups Sought

Type: Emotional / social support, Information / advice, Mutual aid

Location: All of Plymouth

If you are a member of a local group, sign your group up to be part of your network. POP can help you connect with other groups in your area by supporting the development of Neighbourhood Care Networks.

This will strengthen what you do because you will be able to reach out for support, give support, receive helpful news and information. For every neighbourhood we will create a:

  • Neighbourhood Slack Group – to connect and communicate via Slack, an online platform designed for collaboration.
  • Careline (optional) – for people in your neighbourhood to reach out to you for support
  • Community broadcast (optional) – for you to publicise events and invite people to step forward to help out
  • Funding via Accountable a service by the Social Change Nest – to help local groups do what they do best, easily and simply without fuss and decided by you.

So get in contact and join us!

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