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Jeremiah’s Journey: Support Volunteers

Jeremiah’s Journey is looking for volunteers to support the charity with the essential income generation that is key to continuing its work.

Type: Admin Support, Fundraising, Marketing & Social Media

Location: All of Plymouth

Since 1996, Jeremiah’s Journey has been providing support to children, young people and their parents/carers when the future feels uncertain or when hope feels lost. Their work covers Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Jeremiah’s Journey is looking for volunteers to support the charity with the essential income generation that is key to continuing its work.

Supporting children who are facing the death of a parent or have experienced the death of someone significant, can be hugely beneficial.

Children who feel more able to cope with their grief, often report that they have improved concentration at school and less difficulties in expressing and dealing with their emotions.

As a small Plymouth self-funded charity, we rely heavily on community support to ensure that we can continue to support children, young people and their families.

We are looking for volunteers to support us with the essential income generation that is key to us continuing our work.

Volunteering for Jeremiah’s Journey can be quite ad hoc depending on the events that we have. There is no regular commitment that you might have with other roles which gives you the flexibility to support us when you have the capacity.

It also means that we do not take up so much of your time that you are not able to volunteer for another very worthy cause or you could be in a paid role with some spare time. Our fundraising roles work extremely well around busy lifestyles.

We have events across the city and surrounding area that you may be able to support us with. Including the Great Plymouth Adventure cycle event on 8 October when we will be looking for volunteers to assist at the start and end at Frankfort Gate and Colin Campbell Car Park. The cycle event is supporting Jeremiah’s Journey and we are keen to assist with as many volunteers as possible.

Events at Port Eliot are held in support of Jeremiah’s Journey and we are often asking our volunteers to support these. We recently held a bucket collection at the Tom Jones concert as well as hosting fun dog shows at the recent Port Eliot Steam Rally.

Opportunities such as having the access to estates such as Port Eliot gives us the capacity to create innovative fundraising events that will capture the imagination of potential donors. Our Volunteer Fundraising Group works together to create potential fundraising events. This could include online events, quizzes or other ideas.

We also have the opportunity for some volunteer administration support within our income generation team. This will include communicating with people or organisations that are fundraising for us as well as maintaining our fundraising CRM.

We are also looking at future opportunities for marketing and/or social media management.

The Role

Jeremiah’s Journey has roles to suit all availability. Our events are often evenings or weekends and we are just seeking your support when you are able to give it.

We might need you to hold a bucket so that people can donate, host a merchandise stand or, best of all, wear our bear mascot suit to make children and young people smile.

Our Volunteer Fundraising Group keep in touch with each other and get together when they are available.

Administration Support relies on a little more continuity and regular volunteering days/hours.

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Jeremiah's Journey: Support Volunteers

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