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Interested in Sound and Vision Media?

Type: Admin Support, Information / advice, Other

Location: City Centre & the Waterfront

The Role.

We are looking for people to help with live streaming services (no religious or spiritual alliance required). This is so people who are unable to physically get to the church or have conditions which require them to continue shielding can still attend services. There are 3 roles that will be fully explained: video editing, media management and live stream management. The ideal candidate doesn’t need vast technical skills, we can explain what is needed. Some basic level of technical literacy will be needed.

About our organisation.

We are a open minded spiritual and religious community. We have sunday services, as well as pastoral support, community events and outreach. We are a registered charity and an eco church. Diversity and acceptance is a core part of who we are.

The Role.

1. Creating hymn videos for services and editing service recordings for YouTube.
Editing Service video for YouTube: this can be done at home or in the church if you don’t have a reliable internet connection at home.
You need to be fairly happy learning some new software, DaVinci Resolve is pro software but I only use a small subset of it’s capabilities and both processes can be learnt very quickly.
You’ll also need a reasonably up to date computer or ‘rendering’ will take a long time.

2. A media manager will organise the media required for a service, this will have to be done in church on the church live streaming computer. Simply put we use a program called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to manage what goes out to the live stream and the in-house screen.
OBS needs to be ‘loaded’ with the specific media (hymn videos, music clips, video clips, images, slide shows etc. that’s going to be used during the service. You’ll need to be available for a short while on a Saturday to set up and check, should assistance be required I will be available to troubleshoot. You’ll need to be happy learning a little about OBS and how everything fits together. When you feel confident you’ll also be well placed to manage the live stream on a Sunday if you wanted to.

3. Live Stream manager:
The live stream manager will manage the live stream on the actual day of the event or service. Simply put we will be using a device called a ‘Stream deck’ to switch between different ‘scenes’ at the touch of a button. A ‘scene’ can be a camera view, a video clip, an audio clip or a slide show. During a typical service we switch between scenes quite frequently according to the order of service.

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