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Carpentry Volunteers Needed at HTT

Type: Emotional / social support, Event Volunteering

Location: All of Plymouth

The Horticultural Therapy Trust (HTT) facilitate improved mental health and holistic wellbeing, for participants experiencing exclusion, disability or disadvantage, in varied age related sessions, 16 to 18 yrs, 18 +, etc. Through gardening therapy based sessions in a community garden, which is a safe, calm, social space, where everyone is part of the team. This is participant led and geared around inclusivity with peer mentoring and skills share. There is a focus on growing each individual’s skills and potentials, supporting self worth and confidence, along with the growth of beautiful gardens, whilst recognising and supporting their needs.

We would very much appreciate the kind help of skilled carpenters to volunteer partly to help build our new Woodwork Shelter on a few Volunteer Days, and also to support participants to do woodworking, which is part of what we offer participants. Volunteers would need to be able to be empathic and non judgemental. Also to enjoy mentoring others who have experienced disadvantage or trauma and who experience mental health disability and or physical disability to gain skills, self worth and confidence and have some fun.

We are in the process of building a Woodworking Shelter, and need help of skilled carpenters. This is at times with the inclusion of participants. It is for participants to have more future opportunity for woodwork, such as candle holders, bird boxes, hedgehog homes, sculptures, varied anything, and also providing extra shelter due to outdoors only sessions with Covid 19.
The first Volunteer Day would be Saturday 19th March, from 10 to 4, and any help within this time would be appreciated to get the sides built, even a few hours, thank you. The foundation has been dug and built by participants with a volunteer help. Then volunteer help would be appreciated on Fridays with adults or Tuesdays with 16 to 18 yr olds. It might be different volunteers who can help at different times, a one off even is really helpful. There is also be more opportunity as we need to replace our wooden terraces. HTT are grateful for funding for the wood to do these projects, so we are ready to go!
A volunteer carpenter Dan, who is with us on Tuesdays weekly, has fully designed the Shelter with participants.
We will provide a DBS. If you have a DBS that is helpful, thank you. DBS will not be needed for the Saturday 19th as no participants will be present on that initial build day.

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