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Girlguiding Opportunities

Type: Admin Support, Emotional / social support, Governance/Leadership, Information / advice, Tutoring / Coaching

Location: All of Plymouth, Chaddlewood, Colebrook, Newnham & Ridgeway, Plympton St Maurice, Underwood & Yealmpstone

Girlguiding Plympton Division provides fun and new experiences for girls and young women in Plympton. We start with Rainbows aged 5, followed by Brownies (aged 7), Guides (aged 10) and Senior Section (aged 14+). As a charity, we run regular events to raise money to keep these units running.

In Girlguiding, girls and young women have the best experiences, whether it is their first sleepover, rafting down a river or sitting round the campfire.

Become an inspiring role model for our members – and help empower girls to be their best. Join the 100,000 amazing volunteers and supporters who make a real difference to nearly half a million girls and young women.

Our weekly unit meetings are at the heart of Girlguiding. When you volunteer at them you’ll have fun, get messy, meet new people and run activities that help our members discover their potential.

There are Two roles we are looking to fill. Have a read through the profiles and select the one that is best for you on the application form.

Young Leader.

You’ll join a Rainbow, Brownie, or Guide unit team developing your skills in leadership, communication and team working – all of which make impressive additions to any CV.

You’ll go to unit meetings with other volunteers often, where you’ll plan and run activities based on the Girlguiding programme which encourages girls to discover their full potential, use their voices and have fun.

As a young leader, you’ll also have the option to complete your Young Leader qualification as long as you are aged 14-18 and eligible to become a member.

We’re looking for the following skills and attributes:
– Passion – For helping girls and young women reach their potential.
– Communication skills – Both with members and other volunteers.
– Willingness – To have fun and get involved with or lead activities.

For more information about being a young leader search ‘young leader’ on the Girlguiding website.
– You’ll join a leadership team to support the planning and delivery of accessible and inclusive activities, based on the Girlguiding programme or the chosen young leader pathway
– Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at Girlguiding, so you’ll help provide a safe girl-only space, where every girl and young woman can take part
– You’ll be communicating with parents, carers and other volunteers

There’ll be training and learning for the role, and you must follow Girlguiding policies.

We have spaces on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Unit Leader / Assistant Leader / Leader in training.

As a unit leader, assistant leader or leader-in-training you’ll join a team of volunteers to run the unit, plan meetings, and deliver awesome activities. If you’d like to become a leader, we’ll support you to complete our leadership qualification.

– Help plan and deliver activities which are based on our Girlguiding programme.
– You’ll go to your unit meeting each week and run activities with the girls and other volunteers
– Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at Girlguiding, so you’ll help provide a safe, girl-only space where every girl and young woman can take part
– You’ll also be keeping up the Doing Our Best standards for your unit
– You’ll complete training for the role and follow Girlguiding policies
– Your whole unit leadership team decides who keeps the accounts and unit records, but you may have overall responsibility, especially if you have a small team
– You might communicate with parents, carers and other Girlguiding volunteers
– Leaders usually spend two to five hours a week outside of the unit time on the role (depending on how the unit responsibilities are shared and what activities are planned).

We’re looking for leaders for Brownies and Guides on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays with various times available. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Apply Now.

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