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Type: Information / advice, Mayflower 400, Tutoring / Coaching

Location: All of Plymouth

New dates added for this interactive session to support volunteers to explore and implement equality and diversity principles in a practical way.

About this event

Over the years there have been lots of conversations about things we shouldn’t say or do when talking to people from diverse backgrounds. While it’s great that change is happening, it can be really hard to keep up with what we should be saying and doing to continue supporting marginalised groups to access the events we support and, well, life in general!

This interactive session has been designed to support you to better communicate with people from different walks of life by exploring the changes in language and attitudes over recent years. It will help you to start exploring issues that cover areas such as race, sex, gender and sexuality, migration, age and disability.

By the end of the session, you’ll have:

heard directly from people who live in Plymouth’s diverse communities about their experiences within the city

challenged yourself about the way you speak to people

practised ways of navigating potentially challenging/uncomfortable situations

No matter whether you’re a complete beginner or well versed in equality matters, this course offers something for everyone by creating a safe space to ask questions and engage in practical problem solving!

This session was developed for volunteers as part of Plymouth’s Mayflower 400 Commemoration.

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