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Digital Trustee

Type: Information / advice

Location: All of Plymouth

Digital Trustee
Remuneration: The role is not accompanied by any financial remuneration, although reasonable expenses may be claimed.
Time commitment: Four board meetings per year.

About the role
Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business and organisational activities, processes, and competence to fully grasp the challenges and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritised way.
Digital transformation is not just about disruption or technology: it’s about DCF improving our efficiency and effectiveness, communicating better and putting data at our own and others’ fingertips. We know the pace of change in the 21st Century will outstrip that of any previous era and
that we need to understand and adapt to new ways of working that are fit for purpose. It is estimated that about £1trillion in assets will over the next 20 years be inherited by the children of the baby boomer generation. We know that the people who inherit these assets, now in their 20s
and 30s, will want to engage with the charities they support in a different way to their parents.
Their donations will be digital – they will not be writing cheques! They likely will want digital access to their donor accounts. In short, they will not accept the analogue ways of working that we mainly use at the moment.
Likewise, our applicants will want to be able to put in applications using video and perhaps through a variety of new tools such as WhatsApp or Facebook. Great improvements can be made in our connections with all our stakeholders and we want to take advantage of these. So, as we put our
ideas through their paces we will always look at where we could make small changes in our use of technology to achieve large impacts, tell our stories better and support our sector and partners in doing that too.
You will probably know better than we do what we should be looking for. But as a starter we’d love you to have experience of delivering incremental change to existing technologies and processes through the introduction of new and digital technologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness and
Principle Responsibilities
Provide thought leadership on the role of digital in DCF’s development and effectiveness and help build and implement this vision.
Highlight the opportunities and the risks of digital, in terms of our strategy in general, and in reference to our connections with Donors and grant applicants, and our use of data in evaluation in particular.
Translate the risks and opportunities of digital for other trustees, to enable the board as a whole to engage in an informed way.
Take the lead in evaluating proposals for digital development for the board.
Provide strategic oversight of the implementation of our digital objectives.
Champion the use of data in board discussions, and in driving the delivery and improvement of our digital development.
Draw on your networks to support our work.
Help ensure that the executive/operations teams have the digital capabilities that they need to implement the strategy.

Qualities of a digital trustee
Understand best practise in digital design including user research, prototyping, rolling out and maintaining digital products and services.
Experience of working at a senior management/leadership level.
Demonstrable and practical experience of delivering transformational change to business technologies and processes, to deliver cost savings and service improvements for customers.
Experience of current agile project management practices, open source, cloud platforms and digital services.
Ability to work as part of a team and willingness to take collective responsibility for the governance of our charity.
Ability to work at a strategic and visionary level whilst understanding the detail and complexities of delivery, and the influencing skills needed to bring staff and stakeholders along with plans.
Strong communicator.
Ability to analyse risks and opportunities, and take a balanced approach to both.
Extensive networks, and a willingness to draw on contacts as appropriate.
Long term commitment to Devon Community Foundation
DCF supports communities across the whole of Devon including Plymouth and Torbay. Whilst the office is based in Tiverton, it is essential that the board gains the valuable insight from moving around the county and it is common to hold meetings which inevitably mean Trustees needing to travel (sometimes long distances).
How to Apply
All applications should be made via Reach in the first instance. Please send:
Your current comprehensive CV, including details of two referees (who will not of course be contacted without your prior knowledge and consent).
A supporting statement outlining how you feel your skills and experience could be of benefit to DCF and, crucially, detailing your motivation for applying for the role, particularly as the charity continues to grow and prepares for long term sustainable growth.

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