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Compassionate Friends

Type: Emotional / social support

Location: All of Plymouth

A Compassionate Friend is someone who looks out for others and ‘makes a difference’ to those with a life limiting illness or affected by loss. There’s no limit to the ways in which you can do this but essentially, it’s about lending a helping hand or a friendly ear.

A Compassionate Friend is not a professional counsellor or health expert, but a good listener who shows their neighbour, friend or peer they care.

From stopping by for a cup of tea or a chat to helping with shopping or a few chores, simple but heartfelt gestures help people stay connected to friends and the community.

Through our awareness session, a Compassionate Friend learns a little bit more about how taking the time to LEND a helping hand or friendly ear can make a difference and then turns that understanding into action – anyone can be a Compassionate Friend.

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