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AT EASE: Armed Forces support

AT EASE is looking for local volunteers in the Naval base of Plymouth for a number of important roles.

Type: Emotional / social support

Location: All of Plymouth

Since October 1974, AT EASE has offered a confidential information, advice or counselling service to members of the Armed Forces, including Reservists and Veterans. The organisation consists entirely of volunteers so all the work of the organisation is done by volunteers.

AT EASE is looking for local volunteers in the Naval base of Plymouth for a number of important roles.

This includes local volunteers who are willing to be contacted occasionally when support is needed by an individual in their area. The organisation also needs, from any area, first responder, research and social media volunteers

AT EASE also needs volunteers to put up notices and distribute leaflets in Plymouth.

The most important quality in a volunteer in a volunteer for AT EASE is a sympathy for the situation of people in the UK Armed Forces. For that reason, applications from Veterans, or relatives of members of the Forces or those who grew up on military bases are especially welcome.

We do not require any specific qualifications or experience, but volunteers with experience in social work, law, medicine, nursing, law, counselling or therapy can make an important contribution.

However as all the work of AT EASE is done by volunteers, there is a role for anyone veteran or civilian, with or without any professional background who genuinely wants to help people in the Forces.

The Roles

AT EASE has local volunteer roles available in the following sectors:

  • Admin / Operational
  • Advice / Information
  • Befriending / Companionship
  • Expertise / Advice
  • Social Media / Marketing

AT EASE local volunteers, such as those needed in Plymouth, do not have specific dates but stand by to be contacted by First Responder volunteers when an individual service user needs help in or near Plymouth.

Local volunteers sometimes feel frustrated because they may not be contacted for some time and then asked to see someone urgently. They should attend an AT EASE training session by Zoom every 2 months and a case work review meeting by arrangement after meeting a service user.

Publicity volunteers are needed either on social media or putting up notices or distributing leaflets in Plymouth in their own time.

First Responder volunteer counsellors would have the AT EASE helpline directed to their own home one day, every three weeks. The following week they would be support volunteer ready to be contacted if the First Responder needed to discuss a difficult problem.

We ask for two character references from all applicants to join AT EASE. We need people who are sincere and reliable.

In the case of those who claim to be Veterans of the Armed Forces, we ask for a copy of their discharge document or other evidence they really were in the Forces. This is because AT EASE is sometimes approached by applicants with an imaginary service record who have never, in reality, been in the Forces.

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AT EASE: Armed Forces support

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