Our Plymouth Stars

Hear from those currently getting involved in their community and how it has changed both their lives and the people they are helping.

Plympton Brownies

Cat Edwards is a leader in training with the Brownies in Plympton. She started in the Rainbows and then worked her way up.

Unity through Sport

Troy Woodhouse co-founded Unity through Sport – a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising funds through sport for people less fortunate.

Hospital Radio

ANDREW Hill is the Station Manager of Hospital Radio Plymouth. “I got interested in listening to local radio as a teenager in the early 1980s,” he said.

Timebank South West

Imagine a society where you were rewarded for helping people? Where your time spent keeping someone company; reading a story or making a cup of tea was remunerated? Welcome to the world of Timebank.

Steve Whiteway

Steve has recently celebrated 50 years of volunteering and fundraising and is a Plymouth and City Centre Company Ambassador. 

Oasis Cafe

At the Oasis we are a community hub, where people can come for a coffee or meal, but also come to get help, guidance and support.  We strive to see our clients as whole people loved by God in whatever situation they currently find themselves.

Debbie Roche, Snapshot

Snapshot was set up two years ago in Plymouth to support individuals and their loved ones; to raise awareness of mental health problems and to provide advice and information for those that need help.

Kate and Laura, Moments Cafe and Community Hub

In the middle of Plymouth city centre is a bright and friendly public café designed to take people on a trip down memory lane. But Moments is much more than a café; it is a not-for-profit community enterprise set up by two nurses, to support people living with dementia.

Emma Higgs, North Prospect Community Choir

"North Prospect Community Choir enables me to bring together my passion for music and singing with my love of bringing people together - particularly those who might otherwise find themselves excluded or marginalised."

Hannah and Wendy, Nudge

"We’re interested in recognising there are really big challenging problems. But small things can start to add up and make a difference. It’s being strong and confident about that"

Jenny South, Column Community Events

“Reclaim the power. Take the power back. There’s nothing to stop you doing it”. That’s the rallying cry of a Devonport businesswoman who’s determined to put unity back in her local community. 

Hayley, Special Olympics Plymouth

Hayley Bunsell is a volunteer with Special Olympics Plymouth and District, a sports club for people with learning difficulties. 

Kevin, British Red Cross

Kevin Byrne volunteers with the British Red Cross, accompanying patients to hospital appointments.