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Social Enterprise City Festival

Plymouth Social Enterprise Network are pleased to confirm that the 2020 Social Enterprise City Festival will be running from the 16th to the 21st November.

The festival is an opportunity to showcase social enterprise and build on the amazing journeys begun with the Regenerate Summit and ALTwork earlier this year. It will allow us to show policy makers and the public that you can’t keep social enterprise down. Give us challenge and we find solutions. Give us restrictions and we will find room for growth. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference to the way Plymouth does business and be a part of the plan to #BuildBackBetter.

The theme for this year’s Social Enterprise City Festival is Educating the economy – Young Entrepreneurs, Education and the new generation of socially conscious business. We will be running a full week of events looking at how we educate about social enterprise, how we engage the next generation and what we are all doing to make the most of the new, more socially conscious consumer. The festival will be a blend of online and face to face events (guidelines allowing) and will be looking to support you in hosting workshops and engaging sessions as a part of the festival. If you already have an idea for an event or would like to bounce some ideas around with us then click here

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