Local group resources

Are you thinking about setting up a new voluntary organisation, community group or looking to volunteer? Is your aim to bring about change or provide a service for the benefit of your community?

You’ll find lots of great info here to help you think through some of the key issues relating to volunteering or starting a voluntary sector organisation in Plymouth.

Sail GP Volunteer Information

Thank You for offering to support this fantastic event that is coming to Plymouth on the 17th & 18th July  for the very first time.

We have now added the induction document and FAQ’s to the rota so all the information you need is in one place. This document should answer all the question that you have and give you the information that you require to perform your duties and have a good time at the event.

Click on the Green Arrow to the right to view the latest Sail GP Volunteer information and we look forward to meeting you all at the SailGP event.

(Last updated 15th July 10:15am)

Covid Community Champions

Community Champions are local volunteers who help spread timely, easy to-understand and reliable information about COVID-19 and the vaccination programme.

Plymouth – Home Park

Joining instructions FAQ sheet for Steward Volunteers at the Plymouth mass vaccination centre.

Click on the green arrow to the left to view.

Exeter – Greendale

Joining instructions FAQ sheet for Steward Volunteers at the Exeter vaccination centre.

Click on the green arrow to the left to view.

Vaccination Centre Induction & Volunteer Agreement


In the space of just 4 weeks over 2000 citizens have come forward to volunteer as Stewards for the vaccination program that is now up and running. Our partners RE:ACT are currently loading all volunteers through their rostering system and we are suspending recruitment until we are aware of any future needs. What we want to minimise is the numbers of volunteers signing up and being unable to actually book a shift. As soon as we are sure there is a need to increase the numbers of volunteers we will begin recruitment again.


April Induction

Plymouth induction.

DCFA Roles

Opportunities available for volunteering at Devon & Cornwall Food Action.

Mayflower Maker role profile

Read this if yore thinking about stepping up to be a Mayflower Maker for Plymouth.

Ushering & Patient Flow Steward Volunteer

Full role profile, specification and skills requirement for the Ushering & Patient Flow Steward Volunteer role.