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Are you a community group or charitable organisation that needs volunteers?

We are actively recruiting volunteers in Plymouth who want to support you, people who want to give something back to the City and their communities. We’re joined up & fully collaborating with key partners across the city to help coordinate volunteering effort and to create a world class experience for volunteering in the area.

To make sure that this is as effective as possible, we want to know from you, what support would be of most help to you right now. We will then post the request onto our website and volunteers will contact you directly via a bespoke application form created for your needs.

It’s not just advertising opportunities we can do for you. If you need any volunteer recruitment, best practice & retention advice, we can help. We are also able to offer induction and/or deployment of volunteers depending on your need and capacity. Talk to us, we’re great value and could easily save money in your organisations volunteer program.

To get started we need to ask you a few questions.

To create your volunteer opportunity please complete the following information.
  • Please give a brief overview of what your organisation does and the people it helps.
  • Please select any of the options below that best describe the assistance you are looking for
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  • Use this section to expand on the kind of skills, experience or characteristics of the ideal volunteer for the role/s.
  • Describe generally the tasks to be undertaken by the volunteer and any particular times or days they would be needed.
  • Please select what you would like on the application form using the options below. If there are other options you need or would like please let us know at the bottom of this form.
  • Your phone number in case we need to speak to you about your listing
  • This is the email address that application forms will go to. Please Note: Applicants are not able to see this email address, applications are forwarded automatically by the Our Plymouth platform
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