BAME Community Business Excellence Award

Posted on January 10, 2019

Diversity Business Incubator was launched a year ago with the goals of supporting prospective entrepreneurs along with recognising and thanking all the existing businesses who have contributed to the local economy. Showing gratitude to those individual entrepreneurs who must be told that the community and society they live in appreciate them and what they do.

The BAME Business Award is one key element of the work that DBI delivers in the city. Nurturing business ideas and mentoring potential entrepreneurs cannot be done without recognising existing accomplishments. Your support will keep this philosophy alive.

Among last year’s winners, for the Rosa Park Award, we recognised Neeru Meswania founder of Veggie-Perrins who's business has been going for over 20 years. A business that stuck with their core value of providing healthy vegetarian food, a business that has survived all the normal challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and all the economic challenges in recent years. She raised a family whilst spending day and night cooking and providing food for thousands of customers and was recognised at the first BAME Business Awards. We believe that a simple gesture of saying Thank You could help to keep her passion alive and to keep it going.

DBI are ambassadors for growth in the city, from local people who we believe have what it takes to become effective and consistent contributors to the local economy. A strong local economy creates jobs with immediate impact in our schools, youth centres, health centres and of course happy residents for happier neighbourhood. That’s our goal and ambition. Help us achieve that goal by making a modest contribution through our Crowdfunder page.

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