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Every Moment Counts

Posted on December 05, 2018

When you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness every moment counts, so putting others before yourself and thinking how best you can help them in the time you have left takes a very special person.

 In just three weeks, fuelled by her passion to make a difference while she can, inspirational local woman Bridget Horrell has gone from receiving the devastating news of a terminal cancer diagnosis to fundraising for St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth by having her head shaved.

 Bridget decided to bravely lose her locks for the local charity by having her head shaved at the Two Bridges pub in Saltash, where she worked as landlady for 13 years. The generous customers there have already helped her raise £392.


 It was following her diagnosis at Derriford Hospital that Bridget – who lives in Mainstone - was helped by the St Luke’s team based there, where they use their expertise to advise the doctors and nurses on end of life care for terminally ill patients. And it was this team who liaised with the St Luke’s community team to ensure the seamless transition of Bridget’s care so that, in accordance with her wishes, she could be looked after by the charity’s specialist staff at home.

 This bespoke care has included helping Bridget through pain management and symptom control so that she’s as comfortable as possible, supplying her with a wheelchair so she can more easily get around, and bringing in a new bed. St Luke’s has also been supporting Bridget’s family – the ‘best thing in her life’ – including her partner, Keith, whom she met at school.

 Bridget said: “Everything has happened very quickly since I was diagnosed, but I always thought, if something happened to me, I would want to be looked after by St Luke’s. They’re there for me and my family 24/7 when we need them and are helping us all the way. I could write a whole book about how amazing they are!

 “My head shave has been my way of saying thank you and trying to help other people who need their compassionate care, too.”

 St Luke’s Specialist Occupational Therapist Shaen Milward said: “I was bowled over by Bridget when I met her. She’s so full of life and great fun to be around. Even though she’s really poorly, there’s a big part of her that’s about enjoying life and giving back as well. She really is a very special person who’s making every moment count in the time she has left.”

 Every year, St Luke’s cares for over 3,500 patients at end of life and needs to raise at least £4million to provide this vital service across the community.

 If you’d like to show your support and donate to Bridget’s fund, please visit the St Luke’s Facebook page.



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