National Marine Park Big Blue Splash

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist with the National Marine Park Big Blue Splash event over the weekend of July 23rd and 24th.

Let us know below what shifts you’d like to volunteer for and we’ll get back in touch shortly with a rota for the whole weekend. Please note, this event requires less than 50 volunteers in total. Depending on the numbers of volunteers coming forward we may need to share out places so everyone has a chance at a shift. If you are available and wish to do a whole day, tick the boxes for both shifts that day.

Big Blue Splash

  • Your contact details

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  • Someone who is happy meeting and greeting the general public as they arrive and checking their existing booking on our system. Volunteers for this would need to be happy using ipads and/or laptops to access the booking system and checking that people have signed the online waivers. Volunteers would be able to sit for this role.
  • Someone who would be able to direct the flow of people down to the event (this will mainly be people who have already booked an activity) and direct people to the sign up area.
  • This role would see volunteers being an extra pair of hands around the Lido and hoe fore shore. Activity providers are bringing their own staff but it would be beneficial to have a few volunteers who can dedicate their time to assisting the water sports professionals. Hanging up wetsuits, directing the public, keeping to a tight schedule, helping move equipment and taking their direction from the activity providers existing staff.
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