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Moments Café keep their customers connected during lockdown

Thanks to funding from Devon Community Foundation Moments have been able to reconnect some of their café customers to one another, as well as to familiar staff and volunteers. The funding they received allowed them to purchase 5 refurbished iPad tablets set up with zoom accounts and distributed amongst customers.

Every Tuesday at 12pm the café hosts a zoom call for all those wanting to see a familiar face and have a good old natter whilst enjoying a cuppa.

During a recent zoom, Brenda showed off some of her knitted dolls that she is displaying in her window.

She said:

“Everybody is still looking at my dolls! This morning somebody waved to me whilst I was sat in the window doing my puzzle. People have become so friendly during lockdown, including people you don’t normally speak to.”

Maggie explained the benefits of using zoom, she said:

“I’ve now started to attend The Elder Tree classes online via zoom. They’re doing our seated exercise classes, which means I am able to see everyone. I now go to a regular class on a Wednesday morning as well as a Thursday afternoon, which is great as it keeps me moving.”

It’s so wonderful they can keep their community connected. If you would like to help them further, please visit their Crowdfunder page. This will enable them to continue providing support for those in the community who rely on their services.

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