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Know someone who’s not Online?

At On Course South West, we have just what they need.  We are running a whole range of sessions this Autumn that will help them get started online or help with how to use online services and digital resources.

  • On Course South West is part of Plymouth City Council and Plymouth’s leading adult education provider.  We are about to begin a brand new range of digital skills workshops and courses, open to any adult in Plymouth and surrounding areas over 19.
  • Whatever your age or circumstances, there is something for everybody, from someone who has never turned on a computer or been online right through to people who have some basic skills but want to do more. 

More and more services and resources now have to be accessed online and not being able to go online means that many people can’t access things that are essential to how we live our lives right now.

  • Some vital services are critical to our daily lives, like GP appointments and welfare benefit services including Universal Credit and Childcare Allowance or some job applications, which have to be done online.
  • Many people struggle to access important services like online banking or health care advice or struggle to fill in on-line forms. 
  • Not being online can be a challenge to find information that helps with daily life, things like opening times or getting support for something that will make a difference to people and their families.
  • For many people, online shopping and social media are a lifeline but a lot of adults in Plymouth don’t have the skills or confidence to tap into these really useful digital resources.

The On Course South West Digital Skills Suite is going to change this for a lot of local people.

  • Our team will find out what help is needed to get them started.  
  • We have starter sessions for absolute beginners so even if they’ve never turned on a computer or device before, we will work hard to get them going.
  • If they’ve got some experience on-line, we’ll talk to them about what they want to do and match them to the right course to help them learn the right skills.
  • They can then keep adding to their skills and even work towards a qualification or do a course that will help them build skills to help at work, socially, or be able to do something that’s important to them personally.

All the courses are being run in ways that work with their skills. 

  • If they are a beginner, they can go along to courses at our training centre on Mutley Plain.  Everything has been set up to be very safe, following all the social distancing and hygiene guidance. 
  • If they have some basic skills, they’ll be able to follow sessions online.
  • Some more advanced courses use online teaching resources like Google Classroom to help them learn.

You can find out more by calling On Course South West on 01752 660713.

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