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It’s almost time…

Borrow Don’t Buy will be re-opening on the 10th March and extending so that they’re open on 2 days a week. Wednesday and Friday 9-6pm for pick ups, drop offs and deliveries. Obviously they’ll still be maintaining all their super safe Covid-19 precautions with distancing, masks, decontaminating and a quarantine period for returned items.

They’re still doing the “Get Everyone Online” project as well knowing the need hasn’t magically gone away with the governments announcements.

They’re going to be shouting about this on all the usual platforms so if you could help keep an eye out and share, or if you’ve got newsletters going out then they’d really appreciate a little mention. Of course, Borrow Don’t Buy have their own mailshot update going out next week, if you’re not signed up yet you can do that here –

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