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Healthy Eating Week 2020

It’s Healthy Eating this week and with our partners and collaborators we’re stepping up to spread the word on why eating healthily is so important and how easy it can be.

We’ve been trawling the culinary world to bring you a great, easy to prepare, tasty and healthy recipe everyday this week. Scroll down to see each recipe and be sure to check back again every day as we add others.

Mondays recipe is from none other than Jamie Oliver.

Tuesdays recipe is from none the BBC Food website.

For Wednesday we have this great recipe from the NHS Change4Life website.

We’ve found a great recipe for Thursday. How about something a little Oriental from the Food Network website.

For your Friday #HealthyEatingWeek recipe we return once more to the quirky but extremely talented Jamie Oliver.

It’s Saturday, no excuse for finding time to cook up something delicious is there?

Our final recipe of #HealthyEatingWeek come from this great website for healthy eating options

Don’t forget to check out what our partners and collaborators are up to as well.




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