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Project Pollenize – Rewilding seeds for schools.

Following the success of our previous crowdfunder, where we set up beehives to collect data about the ecosystem health of the city, we now want to create more diverse and healthier habitat for our pollinators and insects with these seed packets.

Much of the public feel deeply concerned about climate change, but are very short on options to fight back against it. The most prevalent methods are sacrificial life-choices – use less plastic, change diet etc.

What we’re offering is for the public to take action in an exciting way that can feel like an addition to their lifestyle, as opposed to subtraction. 

Our rewilding seed packets are a simple and effective way to take action and put the power in the children’s hands. They are the custodians of the planet, and we want them to be driving force for creating a healthier habitat for insects and pollinators.

Read more about the project and make your donation HERE

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