We are on a mission to develop a single digital platform that is used as a powerful tool to connect, communicate, collaborate, inspire and recognise citizen and community action. 

Our Plymouth is right at the beginning of its journey and we have achieved a lot, but we can do more. A lot more and very quickly with your help. On this site you can:

We get excited about improving citizen and community engagement across the city of Plymouth. Here’s why…

  • We believe that our digital platform can empower citizens to become more active & engaged participants in their city
  • We can create a place where community organisations and citizens can gather to jointly solve their own challenges
  • We can support citizens and community organisations to be more involved in the decisions that effect them
  • We can facilitate joined up thinking across the city leading to new relationships, new connections and new innovation
  • Through digital, we can remove the barriers to community involvement

With our partners, we are striving to create a more sustainable model of engagement whereby citizens take control of their own communities using a digital platform to enable.

Our Plymouth is a CIC and has a wealth of experience and deep expertise focused on delivering social impact and value.

Board of Directors

Dave Young – Managing Director – Una Group

Jenny Bishop – Head of Marketing & Communications – RIO

Chris Forster – Transforming Plymouth Together

Ruth Hurrell – Plymouth City Council

Plymouth Octopus Project

Executive Team

Ann Holman – Interim Executive Director

Martin Mills – Operations Manager

Daryl Coles – Digital Project Manager

Our partners

Our Plymouth would like to say thanks to our key partners