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A plant for CV-19, is a plant for life

Friends Of Wyndham Square who had recently opened The Talk Shop in North Stonehouse have pivoted their efforts into creating a community greenhouse. They are working with Two local food growers, ‘Seeds n Feeds’ and ‘Gardener-in-Residence’ who are funded by POP+ to grow food and compile fresh, edible ‘Take Away’ meal kits. The gardeners’ kits comprise of indoor-growing plants and residents can chose to eat the food they grow and/or care and nurture the plants with the opportunity to watch them grow, flower and fruit.

Their target community is people in North Stonehouse living in Sheltered Housing schemes, they are well aware that those who are shielding are an extremely vulnerable group, and as lockdown eases they are a group increasing in number, and isolation. They must not become invisible.

Whilst Edible ‘Take Away’ seedling kits are the immediate focus, there are plans to create vegetable gardens for the Sheltered House Scheme residents to watch grow, and participate in its development and upkeep after CV-19. The veg garden part of the project will happen with best practice of safety in mind, so seedlings will have somewhere safe to grow until needed.

For now they would be very grateful for any donations toward the kits they are currently working on. The kits (up to 2-4 plants in each) will be delivered to local residences, one kit per person and they have 100 plants to create 50 kits this week, and are growing another 100 plants that are 4-6 weeks away from being ready. In the meantime through donations they would like to create another 50 kits. In particular, they are looking for bush tomatoes (like Tumbling Toms variety) and scented flowers and herbs. Lemon balm, lavender, basil, parsley, thyme, aloe vera, strawberry plants, berry bushes and any fruit trees would be most welcome, and they can collect too.

More information on the Friends Of Wyndham Square can be found

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