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12 Days of Christmas

12 Days & ways to be a good neighbour and tackle loneliness

The Plymouth Good Neighbours Scheme is all about people helping people. Now more than ever, your neighbour may be in need of a helping hand — and you can be a good neighbour while still practicing social distancing.

For instance, you can:

  1. Share these ideas with family and friends and see if you can get them on board
  2. Give a neighbour a Christmas card, start a conversation and make a connection.
  3. A spare chair, Invite a neighbour to join you for Christmas dinner.
  4. Help others, volunteer for your local community
  5. Go for a walk to your park or local shops with your neighbour. Contact someone you can’t be with and see how they are.
  6. Listen properly to what people say to you without judging them
  7. Make a gift for someone who is homeless or feeling lonely
  8. Self-care, don’t forget to look after yourself this Christmas
  9. Practice gratitude, list the kind things you see others doing around you
  10. Buy locally and support independent shops near to you
  11. Notice and appreciate kindness and thank people who do kind things for you
  12. Make a pledge to someone you know that you will continue to be a good neighbour throughout the New Year

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